Malabar Pied Hornbill



Nagaraja Adiga


On feedback of sighting many hornbill flying near Kaiga generating station 3&4 canteen (Inside the site boudary) at 0640 hrs in the morning, today I went outside at 0640 hrs. At 0642 hrs a call heard from distance. At 0645 hrs first batch of about 10 hornbills came and assembled on a bare tree outside the fence near 3&4 safety shed. Ready...steady 1...2...3....Marathon is Flagged OFF!!!! Then started the majestic marathon of Malabar pied after the other in a disciplined way...counting started with a lot of surprise and excitement.... a bare tree back of OM building became black when about 20-30 hornbill sat together. In 8 min time, believe it or not, 123 hornbills crossed the over (from NW direction to East directions, a few to south). It ends. No more hornbill afterwards. It was a great HORNBILL day for me. One of our friends sighted 66 and 103 hornbill on previous two days and 134 on 21/01/2017 flying in the same fashion.