Indian Grey Hornbill

Mixed flock


Preeth Khona


In the past 2 years I have had 4-5 sightings of the Indian Grey Hornbill at Bellary. Most of the sightings were flying and in 2 sightings i saw them perched, 1 out of which i could capture as they were in a flock right in front of my house on a tree, they were only there for 2-3 mins and then they flew down to the next area the 2nd perched sighting was about 2 months ago about 5 km from my house near allipur , i saw 2 of them on a electric pole wire, but couldn't capture them as i did not have my camera. I have had 2 flying sightings of them in the vicinity of my house just last month.(The picture is of the hornbills near my house which was taken 2 years ago)