Great Hornbill

Adult pair


Ganesh R Mandavkar


This particular deciduous forest area of Shiravali village comes under Sindhudurga district in Maharashtra. It's my native place. I was observing hornbills from my childhood, I had saw two species here Great hornbill & Malabar pied hornbill, which was flying in small flock 7/8, over the period of time Great hornbills population decrease due to destruction of trees for agriculture land, it's affect habitat loss. (reason behind slaughter of trees is government acquiring land from villagers which was didn't comes under agriculture farming so people started cutting more trees for agriculture land).Where Malabar pied hornbills population still balanced, sighting of Malabar pied hornbills is 100% here, no hornbill hunting activity found or reported here. Last time I was visited same place in 16 Jan 2016 for birding, I had saw one pair of Great hornbill preening & calling all day and small flock around 7/8 Malabar pied hornbill.